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The only rotating slide in Europe

Are you ready to take the extreme water spin? 

The only rotating slide in Europe

The extreme water spin in a rubber raft? It is possible!

After the slide with sharks, it is time for a completely new form of water adventure – AquaSpinner will make you feel there is no gravity! It results from the pendulous movement within the meandering structure and variable pace of slide. AquaSpinner was designed by a German company cooperating with Aquapark Reda from the very beginning. Nearly 30-meter high structure is visible from a long distance since it is much higher than the building of Aquapark.

The only way to go down the slide is on giant rubber rings that are big enough for a group of four. Unlike any other water slides, where you go straight down or in winding loops, guests on the AquaSpinner will go back and forth in a pendulum motion thanks to the way the top part of the slide continuously rotates. Great excitement is guaranteed.

Terms and Conditions:
• growth: minimum 120 cm
• weight on raft: minimum 150 kg (from 2 to 4 person)


Extra charge attraction

One slide 5 PLN per person

Opening hours


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